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  • Do you want to maintain control of your own hiring processes?
  • Would you like to reach thousands of quality candidates immediately?
  • Would you like to save money posting your available job openings?

If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, the D&B team can help you.

At D&B, we want to work with our clients in a true partnership. And, we realize that sometimes that means helping our clients fill jobs on their own.

For those situations, we offer employers the opportunity to advertise their jobs on our website - immediately reaching thousands of skilled, quality candidates.

On a non-contractual basis, employers have the option of advertising their facility and job openings on the D&B site.

Under these terms, the employer's full contact information will be displayed, allowing candidates to contact the employer directly, with no further assistance from or fees due D&B Recruiting.

All position openings are listed individually, at the following nominal rates:
1 to 4 jobs - $100.00/each job / per month
5 to 9 jobs - $90.00/each job / per month
10 or more jobs - $75.00/each job / per month

Let us put the D&B developed network and candidate database website to work for you!

To learn more about our advertising services, please contact us.