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Resume Writing

Did you know that the average resume gets a 15-second read? It is your "marketing tool." Make it as strong as possible to entice an employer to interview you!


  • Make sure your name, address, and phone number are at the top of your resume; name on additional pages.
  • Use a targeted headline instead of a lengthy "Objective."
  • Include your post high-school education information. Be sure to include your degree(s) major(s) school(s), date(s).
  • Highlight your key skills or accomplishments.
  • Use a chronological resume, starting with your current job first and going backwards.
  • When listing work history, show (1) your job title, (2) dates you were with the company/position, (3) company info.
  • Under each position, bullet the specific job duties and/or accomplishments.
  • If there are frequent job changes, state reasons.
  • Leave enough "white space" on your resume to make it easy to read.
  • Print your resume on a good-quality, white paper, using black ink and an easy-to-read font.


  • Include any personal information or photograph.
  • Make the statement "References Furnished Upon Request."
  • Deliberately keep your resume to one page. (One-page resume is typical of very recent graduate or little experience.)
  • Use colored paper or borders on your resume. (This only fights with your background for attention.)

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