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Interview Do's and Don'ts

Interview "Do's"

  • Research the company. Know what they do before your interview.
  • SHOW UP EARLY!! Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early for the interview -- but 30-45 minutes early in the area so that you have time to relax and look over your notes and resume prior to the interview.
  • Dress for Success. Regardless of the dress code, always dress up. You only have one opportunity to make a good first impression.
  • Present a high energy and motivated appearance in your attitude, speech, and body language.
  • Remember employers select candidates based on...
    Attitude / Personality = 70%
    Skills / Abilities = 30%
  • Take multiple copies of your resume. The client may have misplaced it, or you may meet with additional people.
  • Take your reference information (including names, titles, addresses, and phone numbers of at least 3 business references).
  • Smile and use a firm handshake.
  • Maintain good eye contact throughout the interview.
  • Be prepared to discuss your qualifications and background. Make your responses complete, but don't ramble and don't dominate the interview.
  • Remember you have two ears and one mouth. Listen twice as much as you speak.
  • Make a connection between your skills and the needs of the employer. Know and impart what you can specifically do for the employer.
  • If it is a good match and you want the job, ask for it!
  • Send a follow-up thank-you note. Email is fine.

Interview "Don'ts"

  • Arrive late.
  • Wear perfume or cologne.
  • Smoke within the hour before your interview.
  • Look disheveled and inappropriately dressed.
  • Have nails painted with designs or in loud colors, including purple, blue, green, fluorescent colors, etc.
  • Slouch in your seat.
  • Fail to maintain good eye contact.
  • Remain low-keyed and display no enthusiasm for the job.
  • Speak negatively of your former employer or the company.
  • Answer your questions with "yes" and "no" answers.
  • Respond to questions in an unfocused, disorganized, and rambling manner.
  • Give memorized responses, forgetting parts in the process.
  • Appear desperate for a job….any job.
  • Ask about money or benefits and vacations. This is only discussed if brought up by the interviewer.
  • Ask "How am I doing? Are you going to hire me?"

If you are not totally comfortable with your interviewing skills, one of our professional recruiters can help you.

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